Psychotherapy and supervison sessions: Cost and Duration

Cost of a regular therapy session and duration:

-  £55 per individual Psychotherapy session.  Psychotherapy sessions will last for 50 minutes. It is important that 
   therapy sessions begin at the agreed time and finish on time.
-  Unfortunately no concessions are available for trainee counsellors or trainee psychotherapists at this time.
£60 per supervisee for Clinical Supervision sessions lasting for 60 minutes or £90 for 90 minutes.  

-  £60 for Mindfulness Session (individual) lasting 60 minutes (as a part of the 8 week Mindfulness Programme)
-  £65 for couples/ relationship therapy sessions.
   * All sessions must be paid for on the day of therapy or in advance by either cash or Bank Transfer.

Cost and duration of the initial consultation:

- £75.  This session will last for  75 minutes, the reason for which is outlined below.  This fee is to be paid on the day of the initial consultation. If a 75 minute session is not available then you will be offered a 60 minute session at £60 instead.  

It is important that you feel comfortable engaging in a therapeutic relationship that feels right for you and meets your needs.  The initial consultation will last longer than an ordinary therapy session and will give both you and the therapist an opportunity to see if you can work constructively together.  The session will consist of:

- Opportunities for you to articulate some of your main worries and concerns;
- A chance for you to explore what some of your hoped for goals for therapy are;
- An opportunity for the therapist to understand and explore any mental health history that you may have, your
  personal history, childhood experiences, family history, relationship history, and any other significant experiences that you have had throughout your life.

By obtaining as much information as possible in the initial consultation session, the therapist aims to bring together some of the threads of your past and present experiences and therefore place your current difficulties within an historical context.  The subsequent sessions will be somewhat less directive and will continue to provide a safe and flexible space for you and the therapist to work together to explore and make sense of what is troubling you.

Frequency of sessions:

Psychotherapy is most effective when engaged in on a weekly basis at a regular time as this will provide you with
a sense of structure, continuity and consistency.  Weekly sessions allows you to make the most of the therapeutic relationship and provides sufficient time in between sessions to reflect and make sense of your process.  Positive change is more evident in clients who are able to commit to the therapeutic process and are motivated to change.

Cancellations of sessions:

Cancellations of the sessions, other than for reasons highlighted in the initial contract will still incur a fee. as you  are paying for the same time on the same day each week.  This will be discussed with you in the initial consultation and will be clearly highlighted and explained in the Patient Contract.

Duration of the therapeutic process:

Therapy can be for as short or as long a period as you feel is necessary and something that can be reviewed and negotiated on a regular basis with your therapist to ensure that your needs are being met.  therapy can be:

-  Short-term (anything up to 6 months)
-  Medium-term (approximately 6 to 24 months)
-  Long-term (approximately 2 years and beyond)