My model of psychotherapy

My model of Integrative Psychotherapy...

-  Is a developmental-relational model, which draws on theories and interventions from Psychodynamic
   Psychotherapy, Object-Relations therapy, Humanistic Psychotherapy,  Psychoanalytical Self-Psychology,
   Trauma-Focused therapy, and Mindfulness.

-  Explores unconscious processes and unresolved conflicts (personal and relational) by bringing them in to your 
   conscious awareness, thereby giving you power and the choice to do things differently.

-  Aims to make sense of your past experiences and to disentangle them from your present ones.  By  
   understanding how and why your past is impacting on your present, you can begin to consciously explore 
   more  effective options that are available to you.  Insight can lead to the development of a greater sense of
   identity,  autonomy, self-knowledge and strength.

-  Provides safety and containment for your thoughts, feelings  and behaviours, and exploration of dreams, thereby  
   helping you to acknowledge, explore and healthily express all aspects of yourself and the  wide range of emotions 
   that you possess.

-  Aims to help you to understand and work towards reparation of early relational and developmental deficits via a
   safe, supportive, nurturing, and boundaried therapeutic relationship.

-  Aims to help you to become more aware of your defence mechanisms and both why and how these have 
   developed, as well as exploring alternative means of coping which are emotionally, relationally and
   therapeutcially more appropriate in the here-and-now.

-  Can help you to develop a more integrated sense of self and identity. by explore aspects of self that have either
   been forgotten or lost.  Therapy therefore provides a rich opportunity to reconnect with and celebrate all aspects
   of self without shame or fear.

-  Provides a safe and supportive space that will enable you to have a positive experience of being in relationship 
   with another person who is empathic, compassionate, validating, attuned to your needs, and is professional.

-  Provides you with a sense of hope that things can and will change as well as equipping you with the necessary 
   tools and insight to make sense of your own internal and external processes, and avoid repeating patterns of 
   behaviour and relating that have previously been unhealthy.