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Psychotherapy utilises interpretations and the therapeutic relationship to facilitate positive emotional expression and containment, behavioural change, growth and integration of all aspects of self.  By providing a safe and therapeutic environment, the process of therapy can help you to acquire a deeper awareness of your own emotional and psychological processes as well as exploring healthier ways of understanding and expressing your thoughts and emotions. 

Psychotherapy will  help you to understand how your past (particularly relational aspects) may be influencing and repeating in the present , and help you to gain a deeper understanding of  unconscious processes such as defence mechanisms and dreams.  Psychotherapy will help to acquire deeper insight and control over these processes as well as exploring ways of resolving negative cycles of relating to others and behaviours.  

By being able to speak to a professional in a safe, empathic and confidential space, you are able to develop a greater sense of self-awareness, insight and hope, and regain a sense of control over your life by promoting  positive change and growth through a developmentally needed and reparative relationship that can differ significantly from historic, negative experiences.  

Statement of Inclusion, Diversity, and Anti-Oppressive Practice

I offer a safe, contained and inclusive environment whereby analysis of unconscious processes, and understanding of self and other can take place. My psychotherapy and clinical supervision practice is open to ALL people who are committed to exploring and understanding themselves.

My approach, ethical beliefs and core personal values explore and celebrate difference, as well as challenging discrimination and oppression. I welcome members of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Questioning (LGBTQQ+) community, Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities, and people who identify as white, csigender, and/or heterosexual.  

I provide a respectful and compassionate approach towards the patients and supervisees that I work with and hold in mind the overt and covert challenges that people face regarding race, sexuality, gender identity, age, disability, background, culture, and belief. 

As such you can expect a respectful, validating and reparative therapeutic relationship and environment where adverse experiences (past and present), and the impact of oppression can be acknowledged, explored, understood, and repaired. 

I hold in awareness my own personal background in terms of gender, race and culture, as well as my own membership within the LGBTQ community and welcome exploration of the impact or challenges that may arise if these become manifest difficulties or barriers for you in our work together.

COVID 19 Guidance for Patients and Supervisees


As recently discussed from the 20th July 2020 all patients and supervisees who wish to return to my office at 18 The Ropewalk will be able to do so.  I continue to follow the guidelines as outlined by The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), Howden Professional Indemnity Insurance, and Government guidelines.  


In addition to the verbal communications that we have already had in your sessions regarding the possibility of returning to in-person work, here is written clarification of how we will move forward should you wish to return:


With regards to the current pandemic, I will be wiping down all door handles and chairs with antibacterial wipes prior to and after your arrival as well as providing hand sanitiser. Please use this once you have entered the room.   Toilet facilities will also be cleaned in between each session.  Our chairs will also be 2 meters apart as standard but if required we can distance these further.  Please also bring your own drinks if required as these will not be provided for health and safety reasons.


Should you or I  present with symptoms of COVID-19 prior to the session (persistent cough, temperature, loss of taste and smell) or recognise that either of us have been exposed to COVID 19 in between then the session then current Government and NHS guidance must be followed with regards to self-isolation and testing, and the session will take place online either via FaceTime or Zoom.


If I have been exposed to the virus then I will be required to provide the names and contact numbers of the people that I have been in contact with for the Track and Trace System.  This will mean sharing your name and contact number but not the context in which our meeting has taken place, thereby maintaining confidentiality.  This will not be compromised.


In the event of a second wave of the virus requiring lock-down, we will need to consider returning to online working, following Government and NHS guidance.  If this should be the case then I will be conducting online sessions from the privacy of my office in order to maintain confidentiality and a sense of continuity and consistency for you.  


In circumstances where it is either not possible to continue with sessions online or it would be deleterious to the therapeutic work for us to do so, then I will conduct a risk assessment and if Government and NHS guidelines permit I will continue to offer in-person therapy in my office, taking the necessary precautions as outlined above.  However, in such circumstances chairs will need to be distanced further and face-masks will be required.   In this eventuality I will be wearing a face-mask which has a partial transparent front so that facial expressions can still be observed.  Where possible you will be advised to avoid public transport when coming to the sessions unless you can ensure that it is adequately safe for you to do so.  


I place trust  all my patients and supervisees to  be honest and take care of their own health during and in between sessions, and to assess and manage their own risk.  I will also do the same to ensure that my therapy room remains a safe place for all of the people who see me each day during the course of my work.  

For patients and supervisees who wish to continue working online then I am committed to supporting you in this way for the foreseeable future until you feel safe to return to in-person working if this is your preference.

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