Areas of therapy

Are you tired of wearing masks?  Counselling and psychotherapy can help you to understand who you are and make positive changes in your life.  Sometimes what you present with initially may be very different from what manifests later on in the therapy.  It is my job to work through this with you and to help you feel safe and supported throughout this process.  

I have experience of providing counselling and psychotherapy to male and female clients (aged 16 and over)  around the following issues:

-  Abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, neglect)
-  Addictive behaviours
-  Anger
-  Anxiety and panic
-  Attachment difficulties
-  Boarding School survivors (male and female)
-  Bullying
-  Childhood difficulties
-  Confidence and self-esteem
-  Couples Psychotherapy
-  Depression
-  Domestic abuse
-  Eating disorders
-  Envy
-  Gender
-  Grief and loss
-  HIV
-  Identity
-  Jealousy
-  LGBT affirmative therapy
-  Personality difficulties
-  Relational-Developmental Trauma
-  Relationship difficulties
-  Self-harm
-  Sexual Abuse
-  Sexual difficulties
-  Sexuality
-  Stalking and Harassment (survivors of)
-  Stress
-  Trauma

It is important that the therapy that you engage with feels right for you and meets your needs.  If at any point during therapy you feel that this is not the case, we can discuss this openly and explore other options that might feel more suitable.  The most important thing is that you feel supported, comfortable, able and wiling to engage in a therapeutic relationship that best meets your needs.